The key to sustainability is moderation, realism and consistency over-time, that doesn’t always mean cutting out that favorite brownie sundae. From how to fuel your workouts to meal ideas, to macro nutrient breakdowns; each nutrition plan starts with a nutrition education session and a goal setting. The best thing about this- it's all online! Learn and goal set whenever and wherever you would like before starting your program!

Nutrition plans range from specific meal plans to a more general meal plan approach depending on the individual. Each plan is customized to achieve individual goals. 

Sustainability means consistency and check-ins are built-in and conducted weekly along with unlimited email and text support. Modifications to meal plans are made whenever needed during the four, eight or twelve week period. Nutrition plans and practices implemented will have you making better food choices, sustaining healthy habits and overall feeling your very best for the long term. 

Eating healthy shouldn't be a burden, but something that becomes part of your new healthy lifestyle and it all starts with the proper information and a kick-start from a reputable nutrition coach that is there to get you started on the right track.

Education and resources are available online through the "Body by Balance School" which you will be given access to with the purchase of any program

Nutrition programs are offered in four, eight, and twelve week increments with extension options available!

Contact to discuss what will work best for you and your goals!



  • Custom meal plans tailored to individual goals

  • Changes made to meal plan whenever needed throughout the program

  • Goal setting

  • Online nutrition education sessions in the "Body by Balance School" including: roles of nutrients in the body, how to fuel workouts and recovery, "macro style" food logging

  • Custom workouts and/or class mapping

  • Progress photo submission every four weeks

  • Weekly check-ins in person or over text/email/Facetime

  • Unlimited text and email support with nutrition specialist